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1 – FinTech Foundations & Applications from Wharton – https://coursera.pxf.io/rnqBm5
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3 – Blockchain Fundamentals – Berkeley University of California – https://tidd.ly/33iTuvm
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7 – FinTech Course – Harvard VPAL – https://bit.ly/3eRBayR
8 – Machine Learning – Stanford – https://coursera.pxf.io/9WjZOy

1. Blockchain Developer Nanodegree from Udacity – https://bit.ly/34B23SL
2. Blockchain Revolution in Financial Services by INSEAD – https://coursera.pxf.io/LPyWML
3. Blockchain Revolution by INSEAD – https://coursera.pxf.io/doPEMq
4. Online Degree in Cryptocurrency and Trading – Blockchain Council – https://bit.ly/3TyEkez
5. Certified Blockchain Developer – Blockchain Council – https://bit.ly/34wva9N
6. Decentralized Finance (DeFi), The Future of Finance Specialization by Duke University – https://coursera.pxf.io/kj1N6n
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FinTech is quickly overtaking the traditional finance world; the slow-moving world of investment banks, of commercial banks with their brick-and-mortar branches, the world of finance before apps and smart devices.

FinTech is driving our world from how we manage our finances, shop, entertain, use everyday services. The FinTech solutions are no longer just within the finance world. These tools drive how we interact with our friends, be it using #Venmo to pay a friend or #TransferWise to send money to friends and family overseas.

The FinTech industry now offers so much opportunity that the traditional finance world barely keeps up. The jobs offered in FinTech are the highest paying jobs in the market. The most interesting areas are:

– blockchain tech
– quant analysts and data scientists
– cybersecurity
– app developing
– compliance and risk management

Whether you come from the traditional finance world or the tech world, FinTech is here to stay and we all better welcome it with open arms!


My goal is to help my viewers become better and savvier investors by showing that finance and investing don’t have to be complicated. My videos range from actionable trade ideas, stock and financial markets analysis, to simple tips on how to manage everyday finances better.

I spent close to 20 years working for major investment banks in London and New York and running a hedge fund in Hawaii. This channel allows me to share what I learned along the way and pass it on.

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