The Next Asia Dominant Web3.0 Player

Tokenize Xchange has launched its own NFT marketplace called “Elemint” and its first collection is the “Poker Penguin”. Interested creators can launch their projects with Elemint and seize the opportunity to connect with Tokenize Xchange’s 250,000 users. However, one must be able to meet the criteria set by the company. “Our NFT platform requires creators to meet these requirements: it must have a utility or be backed by a tangible asset like a physical artwork.” And increasingly, pressure on meeting ESG guidelines is taking place and Tokenize Xchange is considering to include that into its set of criteria.

” A successful NFT marketplace must be backed by a strong community of users with a company with years of proven track record of technological security and financial prudence. To say ElemintNFT Marketplace is the next Asia Dominant Web 3.0 player seems too conservative. With globalisation and regional acceptance of NFT, Elemint is a “Black Horse” in disguise and has all the potential to be the next global unicorn.” commented Mr Chan Chee Seng (Head of Incubation of Oxpay Financial Ltd and Founder of Global Blockchain Community).

” We are optimistic on Web3 trend and its impact to the future of commerce”, commented by Dr Steven Lau, Founder of and Web3Create (Singapore Based Metaverse Gaming Company).

” Metaverse will be the future digital marketing space and it is gaining importance. It will bring benefits to events, retails, tourism, security, businesses, gaming and many industries.”, highlighted Ms Janet Lee ( CEO of Venture Capital Network)

Singapore NFT market is gaining traction, for examples:

Elemint — Empowering the Creator Economy

For creators, the Elemint NFT solution includes a supporting system for artists & brands to turn their works into NFTs, a state-of-the-art system of asset custody, and cost-effective minting methods so you can launch your projects with ease.

For collectors, Elemint aims to utilize their expertise with blockchain technology, user experience design, competitive fee structure, and innovative minting methods to help users purchase and trade NFTs seamlessly without worrying about gas fees, and knowing that all of your assets are well-protected.

The Poker Penguins project is an Ethereum-based NFT collection with a set of 936 digital collectibles, for minting. The Poker Penguin is now open for minting on Elemint.

Each penguin has a unique set of traits and gives the owners access to the smart money trader’s extensive connections. Holders will gain access to perks such as membership, NFT coaching, access to an exclusive community discussing stocks, crypto, and NFTs, and Special events such as meet-ups, and private yacht parties.

A common perception that people have of NFTs draws parallel to how cryptocurrencies are thought to provide: fast cash. Qi Yu’s advice to those interested in NFTs is to look at it as more than just an investment. Rather, it would be better to see NFTs as the spending economy for the cryptocurrency world. 

A change in mindset is pertinent for regulators, investors and operators. To look beyond just the monetary gains one can get from dabbling with cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The authorities have to be assured that its citizens are well-informed of the risks involved and this can be done through robust education in crypto literacy. For investors, being prudent will always help and they have to look through the glitz associated with this speculative asset. And for operators, it is their responsibility to minimise possible ramifications to their users by making sure protocols are put in place. In order for this tripartite relationship to blossom, all hands need to be on deck to push for a safer crypto environment.

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