A Look into the Future – Year 2050

The world is advancing at unprecedented rates and by 2050, we can expect to see life on earth change drastically. If this is true, then what can we expect from the future? Lets time travel into world in 2050.

Scientists have already made great leaps in the world of nanotechnology and they remain unrelenting in making more of such progress. Nanotechnology has the potential to change everything, from the way we behave to how we interact with each other.

By 2050, Transportation would have changed immensely. Weโ€™re already seeing self-driving cars in their early phases of trial and error, so in three decades, it’s safe to say we should have the technology for true self-driving vehicles.

Space Exploration
One promise that many people are still waiting on is one of space-exploration. Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are making strides towards their respective goals of spatial exploration and colonization out of this world.

Artificial Intelligence
Ai is already much more advanced than it was ten years ago, and it will only continue to witness rapid and exponential developments. Experts like John Maeda believe that AI will have surpassed the processing power of all living brains on Earth in the near future. To properly function in that kind of society, it will be necessary to work together with these new systems to make sure that the preservation of important human values is carried forward.

Education is another industry that will see a drastic change in the next thirty years. According to experts, at least 90 percent of the student population will be pursuing online degrees by 2050. Unless the world devolves into an apocalypse, education will continue to be more globalized, and more solutions will come that allow more people to receive good education efficiently.

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