Web 3.0 Will Make Millionaires in 2022

Web 3 investments. What is the Metaverse? 2022 Investing.
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Experts seem to use this as a sandwich term to encompass anything having to do with blockchain technology.. NFT’s, DeFi, the Metaverse, and DAOs… without ever really defining it.

The central theme of Web 3.0 seems to be decentralization…of the internet, cutting out the middleman and giving users control over their own data, more transparency, and allowing small businesses to compete with the tech giants that rule the incumbent Web 2.0 empire.

And well.. these ideas are catching on. So for my own benefit.. and of course yours, I wanted to search for the best opportunities in this space, and break them down.

So how do you set up your web3 business? While you can establish them like a traditional business.. Create an LLC do some paperwork.. Something else is picking up in popularity… the DAO. This is best described as an internet community with a shared bank account.

Best cyptos 2022
Web 3.0
What is web 3
Metaverse investments

0:00 Intro
0:29 What is Web 3?
1:08 Your Business in Web 3
1:50 Creating a DAO
2:12 Benefits of Having a DAO
3:26 Offer
3:49 Web 3 Opportunity 1
5:38 Web 3 Opportunity 2
8:10 Web 3 Opportunity 3
10:06 Web 3 Opportunity 4
12:44 Now What?

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