Top 8 Web 3.0 Crypto Projects

I explain what is Web 3.0 and 8 different sectors within the Web 3 space. None of this is financial advice, just educational content so you understand what’s being built on Web 3 as the user has more control and ownership of their data.

Web 3.0 is still in it’s early stages and might feel like a crazy concept to some people, but by seeing how these 8 different types of Web 3.0 projects are building, you’ll get a better understanding of Web3.

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00:00 What is Web 3? Web 3.0 Explained
02:15 Decentralized Storage
03:20 Decentralized Internet
04:30 Social Media you own
05:32 Data management
05:56 NFT Domains
06:56 Web 3 Apps being built on Web 2
08:48 Play to Earn Gaming
09:26 NFTs
10:55 Decentralized Identification

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Nothing in this video is financial advice. Please do enough research to form your own opinion.

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