Why Web 3.0 Is A Scam

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In this video, I dig a little deeper into Web 3.0, and its promoters like Chris Dixon from Andreessen Horowitz.

Dixon pretends that Web 3.0 is being built and owned by its users in a decentralized manner, while in reality Web 3.0 projects like Solana have had huge token allocations to insiders like Dixon’s firm.

You cannot build a new decentralized internet or monetary system with a token pre-mined and pre-sold to insiders and VCs. This kind of centralization ensures that neither the system nor the tokens will be neutral.

So far, Web 3.0 seems nothing more than a honeypot for VCs, and an attempt to get away with illegally issuing unregistered securities.

By contrast, Web 3.0 built on Bitcoin does not involve dumping new tokens on retail investors. Bitcoin Web 3.0 is being built on a truly neutral and decentralized foundation.

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Why Web 3.0 matters:

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