2075 में हमारी दुनिया कैसी दिखेगी? How Would The Future 2075 Look Like?

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Hello friends, the world in 2075 is a future filled with amazing technology. By 2075, artificial intelligence and virtual reality will be ubiquitous. There will be a permanent base on the Moon, humans on Mars, and space hotels in orbit. Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk who is making Mars colonization possible for humans believe that by the year 2075, the first Martian baby will visit the earth! And Mars will have all 3D printed buildings, just like the one in Dubai- “Emirates Towers”. Not only that technologically we will be so advanced that our co-workers won’t be humans but robots. Yes, I am not kidding! Multinational companies like Google, Ford, L’Oréal have already started replacing humans by using robots as their employees. Now, if technology can advance so fast, what advancement would the medical field achieve? Will humans become Cyborgs by 2075? Is that possible? How bright will the future be? Or will it be doom for us? For entire human civilization? Stay tuned to know more in our today’s video.

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