DS Legends Pte Ltd wants to attract more visitors to Singapore with
Celebrity.sg (NFTS WITH PERKS)

Singapore, November 2022. DS Legends Pte Ltd (DSL) is launching Celebrity.sg in
SINGAPORE FINTECH FESTIVAL 2022 to connect fans with their favourite celebrities.
Anyone who purchases these NFTs can own the NFTs of their celebrity and at the
same time use them in PLAY TO EARN PLATFORMS.
NFTs can represent real-world items like artwork and real estate. Basically, NFT is a
digital certificate.
Celebrity.sg connects fans with their favourite celebrities. For a start, DSL is
launching Darkkey Nagaraja Celebrity NFT. Darkkey Nagaraja is ever popular
Malaysian celebrity. His popularity span over few decades and recently his fame
increased many folds due to his performance in a recent show.
This NFT is Singapore Dollars Three Hundred and Ninety Nine (SGD 399) only. Grab
your exclusive Celebrity NFTs now. Only 2000 Darkkey Nagaraja NFTs to grab. These
NFTs can be utilised at Play to Earn Platforms which will be launched in the upcoming
months. The demand for the NFTs will increase as more Play To Earn Platforms are
launched. An experience not to be missed!
Celebrity NFTs can be used in 3 different Play to Earn Platforms for now. These NFTs
can play different roles in different PLAY TO EARN PLATFORMS.
As the demand increases, the price of the NFTs are expected to increase and it can
be sold in BSC marketplaces.
DSL will be working with more celebrities from Singapore, Malaysia, India,
Bangladesh, South Korea and Indonesia. Look out for your favourite celebrity NFTs.
Celebrity.sg will be launched in SINGAPORE FINTECH FESTIVAL 2022 on 2 November 2022.

DSL is participating in SINGAPORE FINTECH FESTIVAL 2022, under Singapore
Fintech Association Pavilion.

DSL is a one-stop solution for Web3 developments. You can purchase the NFTs at
If you are interested to know more information, please email at sam@dsl.sg

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