Fintech Interview Questions and Answers

Ryan Brown, from, reviews 5 Fintech Interview Questions with Answer Examples.

Intro – 0:00
Q1. Why do you want to work for our company?0:20

Answer Example:
“Since college, I have been highly interested in working for a BigTech firm like yours. I’m immensely impressed by how innovative your company is, and I think it’s thrilling that it has such a massive global customer base. I’ve done a lot of research on it, including checking out your company’s LinkedIn pages, and I believe I’ll fit perfectly into your culture because I am also a creative thinker who works hard and loves to give back to others. Additionally, I personally use your products and would love to have the opportunity to introduce them to others, in addition to teaching others how your products can help them to be more productive, mobile, and collaborative.”

Q2. What have you done to build up your soft skills? 1:28

Answer Example:
“As I’ve worked hard to graduate at the top of my class in college, I’ve also put time and effort into cultivating certain qualities that I believe will be beneficial to have within the fintech industry. At school, I spent a lot of time working with various teams to complete different projects, which has taught me teamwork and how to be an effective collaborator. I have also strived to be well-rounded and knowledgeable in multiple areas so that I can easily roll with the punches once I’m out in the workforce. This flexibility will benefit you as my employer because I’ll be able to work with different teams and people on a variety projects without any trouble at all. I took public speaking and writing courses at school to enhance my communication skills, and on a personal level, I try every day to be solutions-oriented and a creative thinker so I can solve problems quickly and intelligently.”

Q3. What kind of experience do you have conducting data analysis? 2:52

Answer Example:
“In college, I double-majored in economics and computer science, and these degrees have bolstered my ability to succeed as a fintech data analyst. In my last role, I gained a lot of experience in gathering and cleansing large datasets, and now I am fully ready to take on the added responsibilities of analyzing and visualizing that data as well. I’m fully comfortable using SQL technology and also have familiarity with NoSQL databases like HBase and MongoDB. In addition, I’ve taken online courses to build up my statistical skills in regression analysis, distributions, and statistical testing.”

Q4. Explain what the term fintech means. 4:07

Answer Example:
“Fintech is an abbreviated way to say ‘financial technology,’ and it refers to technology that delivers financial services through software. Basically, fintech strives to help consumers and companies manage and streamline their financial operations and processes via computer and smartphone algorithms and software programs. There are so many branches of fintech, including online banking, mobile payment apps, and cryptocurrency, and it’s used in many different sectors and industries like insurance, banking, lending, financial compliance, and wealth management, among others. I’m motivated to get into this field because I am passionate both about finance and technology. I think it’ll be an exciting and innovative field to work in, and I know I have the academic background and skills to excel.”

Q5. Explain the meaning of blockchain in general terms. 5:21

Answer Example:
“I’d say that a blockchain is essentially a digital record of transactions. Each record is called a block and they are linked together into a single list that is referred to as a chain. Most commonly, blockchains are used to record cryptocurrency transactions like Bitcoin, but they can be used in other situations as well. A peer-to-peer network of computers work together to validate each transaction before it is added to the blockchain. I have several years of experience in creating secure systems that record and store blockchain data, and I look forward to continuing to gain even more experience and knowledge in this space.”

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