I tried the Metaverse – Meta Quest Pro

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Linus may be a big fan of VR, but does Meta’s new Quest Pro provide a convincing argument for the Metaverse, or is this $1,500 headset a complete miss?

Buy a Meta Quest Pro: https://howl.me/cipkWbWGV7s

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0:00 Taste the metaverse
0:44 These controllers are WILD
2:39 The headset is kind of heavy
3:15 Trying it on (and smelling it)
4:15 What else is in the box?
4:58 The charging dock is okay
5:38 Trying out the included light blockers
7:05 Display specs and ports/button walkthrough
8:42 Passthrough camera impressions
10:19 Battery life and other specs/tracking features
11:38 Display/Image clarity impressions
12:25 Headset fit adjustment system
13:04 Logging into the Metaverse
13:23 Trying out the face/expression tracking
14:55 Sponsor – SecretLab
15:39 Hanging out in the Metaverse
17:20 Linus gets scared after waving at someone
17:45 The Metaverse nightmare
18:23 Linus plays Metaverse Call of Duty
19:56 Playing Beat Saber
20:28 Overall thoughts
20:59 Outro

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