Meta Quest Pro Teardown Inside the $1500 Portal to Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

The metaverse has been everywhere lately, for reasons both intriguing and for reasons that are… less so. Facebook’s multibillion-dollar transformation into Meta has been one of the biggest stories in tech—met by excitement in certain corners and skepticism just about everywhere else.

So, today we’re tearing down the Meta Quest Pro to see what the cutting edge of Zuck’s vision looks like on the inside, and what separates this new $1500 headset from the far more affordable $400 Quest 2.

If you missed our Quest 2 teardown check it out here!

We used almost every tool in our Pro Tech Toolkit trying to figure out how to get the Quest Pro apart.

00:00 Introduction
00:37 X-Ray
00:48 Headset Features
01:13 Replaceable Components
01:36 Battery Assembly
02:06 Headset Battery
02:41 Mystery Circuit
02:57 End of Replaceable Components
03:17 Speakers
03:27 Front Plastic
03:49 Missing Sensor
04:13 The Way In
04:33 Lens Removal
05:21 Lens Construction
05:41 System on Chip
05:57 Controller Features
06:29 Opening Process
07:04 Thumbstick Assembly
07:31 Mystery Lever
08:14 Trigger Haptics
08:42 Controller Battery
09:08 Headset Complexity
09:35 Outro

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