Most financial institutions have started looking at financial services from a different angle. The explosive need to quickly innovate has birthed new banking channels spurred by advancements in technology. In order to remain relevant and competitive, Fintech applications have become the go-to for providing customers a safe, convenient and user-friendly channel to access financial services. In this video I discuss how to design and build a fintech app in the most efficient manner.
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0:00 Intro
2:33 Payments & Money Transfer Apps
3:04 Mobile Banking Apps
3:39 Credit & Lending Apps
4:08 Investment & Trading Apps
4:52 Insurtech Apps
5:30 Personal Finance Management Apps
6:11 Do Your Research
6:49 Form A Team
7:55 Design Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
8:49 Select Your Tech Stack
9:39 Design API’s For Core Functions
10:51 Design UX/UI
12:06 Test Launch
12:45 Update Application
13: 11 Outro

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