How to get a job in web3/NFT | Learning about Web3, where to look for web3 jobs & a web3 resume?

All eyes on web3! 👀 Something is happening here, people are interested in making a move but there’s a lot of confusion with regards to how to transition from web2 jobs to web3 jobs. In this video I talk about how you can get a job in web3/NFTs, where to find web3 jobs and whether or not you need a resume to get a web3 job and how that should look like.

Hope it is helpful!

⏰ t i m e s t a m p s
00:00 Intro
01:00 What I would do today if I entered web3 today?
01:16 Start with a deep dive study & what to pay attention to
03:02 Join communities to learn and participate
04:33 Document your learning journey
06:18 Raising your hand & volunteering
10:00 Where can you find web3 jobs?
13:43 Do you need a resume for web3 jobs & what should that look like?

▶️ w a t c h t h e s e n e x t
» Jobs To Look Out For In 2022:
» Differences Between Web2 and Web3 Marketing:
» Learning about NFTs, a big new role, hitting goals for Youtube, using Twitter:
» Jobs To Look Out For In 2022:
» Day in the life as a Marketing Manager of an NFT Collection:
» NFT Marketing 101:

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Marketer & educator spent years in b2b tech. Now putting marketing brain into NFTs & web3 and having fun. Weekly videos on YouTube. Head of Marketing at Ninja Squad.


Hope you enjoy!

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