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Welcome to our Web3 Explained Video!

Stay safe in Web3: protect yourself from fake websites
Navigate and transact in Web3 safely with our open-source ML-powered extension. W3A audits smart contracts and websites, detects if they carry suspicious logic or are associated with malicious activity, and warns you before you engage with them.

Smart contract analysis
When you’re transacting with smart contracts, Web3 Antivirus analyzes several properties to identify if this transaction is potentially dangerous and shows you the whole picture.

What’s inside
Web3 Antivirus is your Web3 security companion that helps you avoid potentially dangerous smart contracts, transactions, or phishing websites. Get real-time security recommendations and browse Web3 safely.

Keep in mind: Web3 Antivirus will never ask for access to your wallet, assets, or for your seed phrase.

Smart contract analysis:
Transaction emulation
W3A executes the transaction in our testing environment so you can see its outcomes before you confirm it.

Technical risks
See if W3A finds potential threats (specific code, methods, or functions) in smart contract code.

IP infringements
Learn if smart contracts are associated with stolen, duplicate, or fake assets, names, trademarks, logos.

Financial scams
See if smart contracts or wallets are linked to suspicious transaction patterns or known scams.

How exactly W3A protects me?
Web3 Antivirus is triggered a) while you’re browsing; and b) when you’re about to sign a transaction or message.

While browsing, W3A will alert you if you are heading to known phishing sites. W3A checks domain names against thousands of blacklists and whitelists, identifying suspicious content and hard-coded logic, if any.

Before you sign the transaction, W3A intercepts and analyzes it for potential red flags and then prompts you to decide whether or not to proceed.

To analyze the transaction, W3A executes it in our testing EVM environment and checks all the smart contracts involved to show what happens if you confirm the transaction.

Based on the underlying risk matrix, W3A generates a report that indicates the overall risk score and potential threats. Then, with all the information in hand, the decision is yours — go ahead with the transaction or reject it.

How does transaction simulation work?
Transaction simulation enables you to check what happens if you approve a transaction you doubt about. Meaning, you can securely see the transaction result while discovering potential vulnerabilities or side effects.

Moreover, W3A provides a unique call tracing capability. Alongside checking the contract you are actually dealing with, you’ll be able to audit the whole chain of contracts associated through calls. To execute the process, we’ve custom-built a dedicated EVM node.


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