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Tap Fantasy team are giving away Mystery Box Airdrop, 5 people will be chosen in the comments that post their Player ID.
The Mystery Box will contain random items, such as either an NFT skin, or weapons and other improvements to your character’s performance in the game.

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Welcome to our Meta Verse Video!

Tap Fantasy is a MMORPG blockchain game developed by HTML 5. Players can interact with Tap Fantasy directly on the web page or wallet, and they can start playing immediately.
Third-party game developers can design and create gameplay modules using TP’s no-code map editor. Game designers earn 50% commission from GOLD COINS that players consume in third-party gameplay modules.
Designers can also MINT their own designed NFT profile pictures, wallpaper, buildings, character skin appearances, and sell them to players in the market.

TapTap Fantasy became the most popular adventure and role-playing game on FACEBOOK Instant Game. It received two global features; it gained more than 1.5 million game users and nearly 400,000 DAU in less than six months. TapTap Fantasy accumulated more than 20 million users worldwide by the end of September 2021.


TAP Mystery Box
NFT Mystery Box (Golden Chest)
Title: Super Rare NFTs Mystery BOX
Currency For Purchasing: Magic Crystals.
Explanation: All Magic Crystals purchased for this chest will be officially destroyed.
Description: Super Rare NFTs Mystery Box (Golden Chest) is an unlimited edition! This Box includes all Tap Fantasy’s current “R” and “SR” NFTs. Users will be given one of them randomly by unlocking the chest.

NFT Limited Mystery Box (Crystal Chest)
Title: Limited Mystery Box
Description: Limited Mystery Box Crystal Chest) is a limited edition! This Box includes all Tap Fantasy’s current “SR” and “SSR” NFTs. Users will be given one of them randomly by unlocking the chest.

Currency For Purchasing: TAP
Explanation: All the TAP from the purchasing on this box by users will be divided into 2 parts. 50% of the TAP income goes to governance, and the other 50% goes to the official team and the third-party artists.
MC Mystery Box (Golden Chest)

Title: Lucky Magic Crystals
Description: Lucky Magic Crystals (Golden Chest) is an unlimited edition! Users will be given randomly different amounts of Magic Crystals by unlocking this chest.
Currency For Purchasing: BUSD.
Explanation: All the BUSD income will go to a specific wallet address, they will be added into a LP pool or repurchase to destroy in terms of the MC price decrease in the future.

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00:00 – metaverse gameplay Introduction.
00:18 – metaverse gameplay summary.
10:44- metaverse gameplay projects outro.