This Is The Future Of Human Technology

The potential future advancements in technology that could improve human life, including the use of nanorobots and AI to enhance intelligence and physical abilities, the ability to 3D print replacement organs using a person’s own DNA, the manipulation of chronological age through nanorobots and hormones, the use of nanorobots to access and transmit information through the neocortex, and the potential for humans to communicate with extraterrestrial beings through technology. It also mentions the possibility of uploading one’s consciousness to a computer or achieving immortality through technological means.

00:00 Intro
00:27 #1. Get resurrected from the dead!
00:24 #2. Have yourself a new body!
02:29 #3. One click will allow you to change your chronological age
03:12 #4. Google your thoughts
04:14 #5. Discover how to travel at a rate greater than the speed of light
04:57 #6. Get the latest information about your immune system
05:38 #7. Grab a snapshot of time to use as a benchmark later on
06:16 #8. Immortality
06:56 #9. Speed up your learning of any subject
08:05 #10. Speak without words

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Covering the world of Technology and the Future
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