What Is Web3, Really? #Shorts #Web3 #ElonMusk #JackDorsey #Blockchain #DeFi #Bitcoin #ETH #Ethereum

What is Web3?
The real dope shit

There are a ton of people trying to define the meaning of Web3

Most begin by comparing it to Web1 and Web2
***(Cut away shots)

Many have defined web3 as “like Web2 but you OWN IT instead of it being owned by the big platforms”

Then people like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey say, no, you don’t own it…

***(Cutaway shots of Elon face, Jack face + maybe tweets)

The truth is that web3 is a powerful wish that has a few emerging apps (Brave for search, meta mask wallet, NFT marketplaces, DeFi) : and orgs like Web3 foundation projects and the Pi Network

But, ultimately web3 is whatever replaces the failures of Web2 with something new. And hopefully better. And hopefully soon

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