Fintech – UCPE – ENG

Over an eight-week period, our Fintech course will focus on applying the fundamentals to different areas like risk modeling, banking and market microstructure. You will discover the impact of Fintech from multiple perspectives—investor, corporate, and consumer—and learn about the regulation behind it.

This course gives you the opportunity to learn through practical case studies included in every module that will help you understand Fintech with real-world examples that can then be applied within your working environment.

You will learn to:

– Understand the fundamentals of Fintech, its application, and be able to articulate the benefits and drawbacks of Fintech innovation.
– Identify quantitative and qualitative approaches to fundamental finance, including risk modelling, financial ratios, and time series.
– Explore how and why Fintech innovations can help customers, both from a global and technical point of view, as well as how to improve customer experience in areas that have not had as much Fintech innovation so far.
– Investigate other security measures required to ensure Fintech innovations keep customers and financial institutions safe.

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