A Day In A Life Of A Product Manager in FinTech Startup!

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I work at a fintech startup and I wear multiple hats as a product manager, program manager and sometimes marketing tech person. In this video I am sharing what does a day in a life of a product manager look like at a fintech startup! I also share the tools we use and one of my favorite ones is Confluence by Atlassian! I spend a ton of time in meetings with different teams which is why I use Confluence to document all my notes and follow up with each team async. I would highly recommend doing this too and using Confluence! It is awesome!

In this video, we take a closer look at how a Product Manager at a FinTech startup uses Confluence to manage their day-to-day responsibilities. From creating and organizing product roadmaps, to tracking customer feedback and analyzing market trends, Confluence serves as a centralized hub for all things product development.

We see how the Product Manager uses Confluence to collaborate with their team, including developers, designers, and other stakeholders. They use the platform to share product vision, backlog, and other information, as well as to track progress, manage deadlines, and make data-driven decisions

I hope this video provides a glimpse into the challenging but exciting role of a Product Manager in a FinTech startup. It highlights the importance of strong leadership, strategic thinking, and the ability to work well with a team, to be successful in this field.

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