The Baffling Economics Of The Metaverse

The Metaverse is one of the most controversial projects in the world. While most agree that VR will play a massive role in our futures, people can’t quite come to an agreement as to whether Meta will be the company to get us there. This makes sense given that Meta has spent tens of billions on the Metaverse, yet they don’t have much to show for it. Their graphics are extremely underwhelming and their user counts are even worse. In fact, one of their Metaverse projects which cost $1.2 billion to make only has a total of 38 active users. So, where is all the money going? Well, Meta’s underwhelming results can be explained by three factors. For one, Meta very much has a bloated workforce with extremely high-paid employees. Two, Meta spent all of their resources trying to port a gaming PC into a headset instead of trying to develop the best experience possible. And three, Meta is very much focused on the enterprise market as opposed to the consumer market. This video explains the shortcomings of the Metaverse and why the Metaverse costs so much despite being so bad.

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0:00 – The Cost Of The Metaverse
2:54 – Bloated Workforce
6:06 – Insufficient Hardware
9:20 – Enterprise Focus
12:10 – The State Of The Metaverse