Tech vs FinTech vs Risk Quant

As my journey unfolds I am at a cross road of firms in tech, fintech, and banking (risk quant). All of the opportunities have their pros and cons however making this decision is really challenging. Should I leave banking for another industry? Will the other industries have the rigor of banking? Maybe I can bring an academic rigor that would would really help these firms grow? Or maybe I am delusional and these firms just want to make models over and over again.

Tech is very free and exploration is encouraged. Working remote full time is a real option and the name of a FAANG might really boost my resume. The skills in both tech and fintech are similar enough to quant finance that I could make a great contribution while learning new skills or enhancing ones I don’t get to use as often as a quant. The fintech offer is local and it would be nice to meet real people face to face. Free lunches and snacks would be a great perk as well as working with nice and motivated people.

I am still trying to figure out what would really make me happy. I know that sounds cliché however why spend your life working on something that you don’t find meaningful.

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