How FINTECH founders are planning to DOMINATE the Indian Bond Market? : Wint Wealth Case Study

Video Introduction:
In this video talk about an underrated startup called wint wealth that became an opportunist in the bond market and became a million dollar company. Because in November 2021, The Securities and Exchange Board of India made an important announcement that changed the debt market forever! As it turns out, Earlier retail investors like us could only purchase bonds of those companies who were raising a minimum of 100 Cr publicly and could invest as low as INR 1000 in private placements. but Now with the new regulation, the minimum issue size requirement for a public debt issue was reduced from Rs 100 crore to Rs10 crore & the minimum investment in a private issue was raised to 10 lakhs from meager amounts like Rs 1000.

In this video we explain how fintech founders are using this to their advantage and much more

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