What is Web 3 For Dummies Like Me? Web 3.0 Explained In 5 Minutes!

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I’m going to try and explain Web 3 in a way I understand things, and that is like a small child. But in all honesty, imagine explaining an Iphone and apps to someone in 1995, it’s kind of the same concept because it’s hard to imagine but just understanding what the goal is, is the most important.

But to understand web3 lets quickly explain web1 and 2 because it will make much more sense.

Ok, web 1 is your first internet, and if you’re old enough to remember that dial up noise, congrats, you are old. This was the internet from the 1990’s to early-2000’s. The internet then was very one dimensional. Buying something off the internet then was really shady, you want me to put my credit card information in there? No way.

There was no sharing of information like we do today with videos and pictures. Instant messenger was a big deal, I still remember having my away messages and that noise when you get a message. Simpler times. Web 1 was more of a read only type of internet with very little interaction. Because we all remember how mad Metallica got at napster. And I think I personally got a virus from Limewire.

Web 2 comes along and changes the game. Web 2, we will estimate from the mid 2000’s to now still, if that’s a word(s). This is when we really got into smart phones and our digital appearance a lot more. I’m talking about social media with the Facebooks, and the Snapper Chats, and all the things. Youtube was founded in 2005. Think about that. That generated the ability to have someone become actual content creators and have their own following. Mr. Beast, The Paul brothers, these guys.

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Now, let’s fast forward a little bit in time closer to now. Web3. Web3 is evolving into being multi-dimensional and decentralized, for example of multi-demensional. Let’s look to Facebook which is Web 2, soon we will be able to transport into the metaverse and interact with each other, instead of just posting and reading, sorry introverts, which that part is web3, the next phase of the internet. We can buy and sell things in this new dimension while the transactions occur and are recorded on a blockchain.

Web3 will be as transformative to society as web2 was vs. web 1.
The most unique thing about web 3, is the decentralization of it all. No more need of massive companies to run overwatch over the internet for us. We become the internet and run it ourselves. And I know that sounds crazy. It prob. sounds as crazy as explaining what an app on an iphone is to someone in 1995 like I mentioned.

Now what will it look like exactly? No one can really tell you right now. At least not accurately because we’re still in the infancy stages, but it is coming nontheless. So just try understanding where we’re heading, instead of trying to think of it like, I don’t understand where will I post all my vacay pics.

Per questbook.eth, Web 3.0 is an open, trustless and permissionless network that enables a future where distributed users and machines are able to interact with data, value and other counterparties via a substrate of peer-to-peer networks without the need for third parties.

Those third parties being massive companies like Google that are constantly filtering what we see which alters our views and opinions into what they want them to be.

Imagine, instead of websites running their sites on servers, we are all the servers, the entire internet is running off of our electronics. We hold all the data, all the time, for all of it. That’s the power of the blockchain and that’s where web3 is heading.

No more centralization, which obviously these sites manipulates our opinions with their algorithms that generates what they want us to see, consume, and interact with certain content. That changes when we own and run Web3, at least that’s the hope.

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